Our Journey to Innovation: The Birth of FurTrap™ Technology
FurTrap™ Technology

In our quest to create a home where love grows and fur goes, we encountered a challenge common to pet owners worldwide: how to effectively trap and eliminate pet fur and dander. This led to the birth of our revolutionary FurTrap™ technology, a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

FurGo: Designed for the US, with Global Aspirations
Recognizing the unique needs of the US market, FurTrap™ technology was designed with a singular goal: to make FurGo the best seller and the No.1 pet air purifier brand in the US. Our ambition doesn't stop at national borders; we aim to set a new standard for pet air purifiers globally, ensuring that pet owners everywhere can enjoy a fur-free environment without compromising on love and companionship.
Unmatched Performance: Our Commitment to Excellence

At the core of FurTrap™ technology lies our patented, powerful fan system. Boasting a remarkable 5000L/min airflow speed and 11Kpa pressure power, paired with a specially designed air inlet, the FurGo air purifier stands in a league of its own. This unmatched performance means that FurGo doesn't just purify the air; it transforms it, making homes safer, cleaner, and more welcoming for families and their furry members.

Slide title The Science Behind FurTrap™
Developed meticulously over years by our engineering team, led by Evelyn's expertise and insight into creating solutions that make a difference, FurTrap™ technology is FurGo's heartbeat. It represents a significant leap in air purification technology, tailored specifically for pet owners.
FurTrap™ employs a unique air duct design, optimized through advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, ensuring the most efficient airflow structure possible. This allows the FurGo air purifier to capture pet fur effortlessly and effectively, a capability that standard air purifiers can't match.